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以共創共生為核心理念的公司,我們提供的服務有視覺特效製作、 3D 場景設計製作、動畫設計、影像製作、數位科技整合等專業項目,從前期的規劃 設計、動態分鏡、現場視效指導到最終的後期製作,擁有的是完善且穩固的團隊成 員。 座落於台灣台南的我們,期望在這塊藝術氣息濃厚與知識豐滿的土地上,深化 自身技術,並探索此地孕育出的深厚文化內涵與故事情節。
【WhiteDeer Animation Studios】is a company with the core concept of co-creation and symbiosis. The services we provide include visual effects production, 3D scene design and production, animation design, video production, digital technology integration and other professional projects. From lens, on-site visual effects guidance to final post-production, we have complete and stable team members. Located in Taiwan - Tainan ,we look forward to deepening our own technology and exploring the profound cultural connotations and storylines bred here in this land of rich artistic atmosphere and rich knowledge.
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